Meet the newest member of our family



Heeeeere’s Brodie!  We just picked him up from his foster home with the lovely folks of Golden Retriever Rescue.  He’s fourteen months old and has a few discipline issues–not surprising for a youngster who’s had four homes in his short life–but he’s a total sweetheart.  And so handsome!

My wonderful readers probably remember me talking about Max, my much loved rescued golden who died two years ago.  There’s been a hole in our family ever since, but it was hard to “replace” such a wonderful dog.  We had to grieve for awhile before we could think about a new canine companion. 

However, we decided the time was right this summer.  We sent in our application to Golden Retriever Rescue, had a home visit, and were approved.  Then it took a couple of months to find the right dog for us.  But Brodie is definitely “the one”.

My garden is looking a little the worse for wear as Brodie likes to dig, especially around the resident chipmunks’ burrows.  He has also attacked a couple of bushes for no apparent reason, but we’re working with him to stop those bad habits.  On the other hand, he loves to ride in the car, go on walks, be brushed (something Max hated for some reason), play with tennis balls, and, of course, be petted and fussed over.

I’m wondering if anyone can guess why we named him “Brodie”.  Hint: it has to do with the New Jersey Devils ice hockey team.


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