Life is Good, Part 2

Last night was Opening Night at the Rock for the New Jersey Devils, or “my guys” as I affectionately call them.  And we won, 2-1, beating the New York Islanders without a whole lot of trouble.   Wahoo!  It’s hockey season again, the most wonderful time of the year.

That’s Zach Parise at right, our young, tenacious scorer, celebrating his first goal of the season.  I love Zach because he never quits, mostly because he’s too young to know when he should.  You need your veterans for toughness and stability, but you also need that marvelous reckless youth that never gives up.

The first game is so important psychologically, especially because the Islanders beat us last year over and over again when we had no business losing to them.  This was a great start.

Honestly though, even if we’d lost, life would be good because now almost every night is Hockey Night.


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