California Dreamin’: Part Deux

Since my Dearest Husband and I were only 90 miles from Hearst Castle, we decided to drive down scenic Route 1 to take a look at William Randolph Hurst’s grand hilltop home.  The problem was that Route 1 was shrouded in fog.  It was very atmospheric but the views were pretty limited.

Until we got right near San Simeon.  My husband was laughing about one of those “Adopt-A-Highway” signs which was sponsored by the Friends of the Elephant Seals.  Who knew Elephant Seals had friends and why were they hanging around San Simeon?  Suddenly, I looked right and said, “I think that’s an elephant seal.”  Being familiar with my affection for all forms of wildlife, D.H. pulled over instantly and let me out of the car.  Here’s what met my amazed eyes: elephant seal bodies as far as the eye could see.

They’re not dead, thank goodness, just sleeping.  Occasionally, one would scratch with a flipper or scoop sand over their back.  I love surprises like that.

Not much farther down Route 1 another surprise awaited us.  Yes, those are zebras. 

 Turns out old William Randolph had the world’s largest private zoo at one time.  When he dismantled it, some of the inmates liked it at San Simeon so much that they just stayed with the cattle.  These zebras are their descendents.

Who’d a thunk?


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