Beyond Bizarre Holiday Gift No. 2

There’s a really bad pun in the title of this post.  Sorry!

This gift idea truly baffles me.  It’s a 2009 Dog Doo Calendar which “features 12 beautiful full-color photos of majestic mountains, field of flowers, rushing rivers and glorious oceanside settings along with dog droppings so realistic you can almost smell them.  It’s the perfect gift when you want to show that you give a cr*p.”  For a mere $12.99.

Notice how proud they are of the realism of the dog droppings.

You can add a companion gift from the previous page, the photo of which I refuse to put on my blog because it’s truly gross: Doggy Doo Ornaments.  “This tidy faux doggy doo ornament ($6.98) is glittering with a sprinkling of ‘snow’ and tied up nicely with a holiday ribbon.  Great for the pet lover who has everything.”

Call me crazy, but it seems to me that a donation to the local animal shelter would be a better gift for the pet lover who has everything.


2 responses to “Beyond Bizarre Holiday Gift No. 2

  1. Sorry, I can’t imagine who would love to look at that all day? I hope the profits at least go to the Humane Society.

    I bet if you gave that as a Christmas gift, you won’t be getting one from that person again.

    Believe me, I am the biggest dog lover, but there is a limit.

  2. Ellen, I’m glad to hear you agree with me. I thought maybe I just had no sense of humor because both those items struck me as just plain yucky. However, if there’s ever someone I want to stop giving gifts to, I’ll remember your comment that these would put an end to the gift exchange. 🙂

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