Bizarre Holiday Gift #3

A Mustache for Every Day.

“Dapper self-adhesive ‘stache!  Set of 7 includes The Hero, The Sheriff, The Hollywood, and more.  $7.98”

They actually tell you what day to wear them on, just in case you weren’t sure.  I may order two, one to give and one to keep for myself.


3 responses to “Bizarre Holiday Gift #3

  1. I love them, reminds me of the 50’s. We had some to play with, even the girls wore them to play cops and robbers.

    Thanks for the memory.

  2. Glad I could bring back fond thoughts for you, Ellen! I didn’t realize these were vintage.

  3. I don’t know if they were the same ones, but one of the kids received some in the mail from an aunt. Yes, my mother was thrilled to see her DD running around with a fake mustache. I must admit I thought we looked pretty cool playing our games.

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