Holiday Gift #4: For your divorced friends

I found this in a catalogue of Victoriana but it seems totally  modern and potentially quite useful to me:

Lover’s Quarrel Frame

Photography was once reserved only for the affluent.  Given the exorbitant costs of portrait photography in the late 1800s, it was unthinkable to discard a valuable photograph due to a broken relationship.  Rather, the undesirable subject would simply be folded back or scissored off.  The slender frame which found the height of its popularity after 1910, later came to be known as a ‘Dear John Frame’, thus accommodating the lonely heart beautifully. $16.95

While it pains my romance writer’s heart to say so, I can think of several friends who might  find it very appealing.


2 responses to “Holiday Gift #4: For your divorced friends

  1. I wish I had these for my daughter’s prom pictures. She looked beautiful but new boyfriends didn’t like looking at the old ones?
    Now she is 25 and engaged, so Ihad to hide the prom pictures. What a great idea? Maybe they were ahead of their times.

  2. Ellen, I thought it was pretty clever for this day and age myself. Most new boyfriends don’t want to know about the old ones so it solves a lot of problems. Of course, now there’s Photoshop too!

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