I’m a “face” now

Well, I’ m on Facebook anyway.  My Darling Daughter is horrified and made me swear never to attempt to “friend” her.  At the time, I didn’t know what that meant so I had no problem making the promise.  Of course, now I’m curious to see what’s in her profile.  But I’m resisting.

At any rate, I joined the Facebook crowd because a local writers’ group moved their communications on to it so I had to if I wanted to keep up.  Since then, I’ve wasted immense amounts of pleasurable time updating my profile (who doesn’t like to list their favorite music and movies?) and writing on my friends’ walls.

The most fun has been reconnecting with folks from college whom I haven’t heard from in decades.  Hearing about their families  and work has been fascinating.

I even “poked” someone although I still don’t get the point of it.  However, the little caption that said “Poke Gordon” was irresistible and I figured Gordon wouldn’t mind.  He says he counter-poked me but it never showed up on my page.  A glitch in the sofware perhaps…or perhaps it’s that Gordon and I are the wrong age to use the “poking” mechanism.

I feel very au courant and hip now which probably goes to show how unhip I truly am.  (In fact, I think anyone who uses the word “hip” probably isn’t.)


8 responses to “I’m a “face” now

  1. I too joined facebook last night and spent FOUR hours on it filling in information and trying to figure out how it worked. My kids think it is a riot that I joined. Even my 18yo grandson was laughing.
    My niece wrote: “Welcome to time well wasted”.

    My daughter just read your book “Music of the Night” and thought it was wonderful. I agree. We are looking forward to many more such wonderful books from you.

    Hope all is well with you.

  2. i mentioned your facebook to my daughter who then gave me “the look’. she asked if I was joining and I said I didn’t know. She then asked your daughter’s age and said, “I won’t want my mom to be my friend either!”

    Love your new website.

  3. Penny, how wonderful that I inspired you to join Facebook! LOL! It is truly amazing how much time you can spend just doodling around on it. I have to ration myself.

    Thanks for your kind words about “Music of the Night”! Always, always much appreciated! It’s so great to hear from you.

    Ellen, how old is YOUR daughter? A teenager also? I’m so glad you like the new website. I think Bekke at Dreamforge Media did a terrific job.

  4. LOL, I got the same comments when I did a myspace page. My two teens ( a boy and a girl) said don’t EVEN think about asking to friend us. I’ve so far resisted the Facebook merely because I already aste too much time dinking on the ‘net instead of writing my book reviews which are sadly past due.

    Like your new site!

  5. My dd is 25, teaching 1st grade and engaged. She keeps in touch with her HS and college friends on Facebook. I guess the kids are afraid we might have as much fun as them?

  6. Sherri, you write great reviews so stop “dinking” around and get them done! So says the woman who’s been avoiding revising her synopsis for at least a month. 😉

    Ellen, I think our children are afraid we’ll find out that they’re really not doing anything all that exciting on Facebook. It would be a terrible thing for their parents to know.

  7. Help! I’m on Facebook too and I don’t understand what’s going on. The wall. Those crazy requests for flowers and hugs and rain forests. I literally haven’t a clue what’s going on. Between that and Twitter . . .

  8. LOL, Barbara, I’m suppposed to plant a pine tree or something and I can’t figure that one out at all. Not to mention that one of my so-called friends keeps throwing snowballs at me. Twitter is waaaay beyond my ken and I intend to keep it there.

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