A Nod from Nancy: Creation in Death by J.D. Robb

I adore all the J. D. Robb books but must warn any new reader that they are a series (and I’ve lost track of how many there are but I suspect it exceeds 20).  You will undoubtedly get more from any of the books if you read at least the first five or so in order.  However, each book very much stands on its own, in my opinion.  Creation in Death was absolutely terrific in every way.

The “In Death” books  are described as futuristic police procedurals which sounds a little off-putting.  They are really suspense/thrillers set in New York City about 50 years in the future.  The future part only comes in when NYPD Lt. Eve Dallas or her hunky Irish super-entrepreneur husband need a neat gizmo to help solve the crime.  Mind you, they mostly use brain power and good police work but occasionally a flying car or souped-up security device comes in handy.

Mostly it’s the main characters and the supporting cast that are such a pleasure, like visiting with old, extremely interesting friends.  The story is always gripping which is why I am very careful about starting a J.D. Robb novel: I find it almost impossible to put it down until I’ve finished.


2 responses to “A Nod from Nancy: Creation in Death by J.D. Robb

  1. I just finished the audio version of this one and enjoyed it immensely! I completely agree with you – I find it nearly impossible to put these books down. I used to save them for plane rides or long trips, because I knew I could count on gripping, page-turning adventure. But since I discovered the audio books, I have come to adore the reader and how she voices all the characters. There’s no going back now! So I’m just really antisocial with my iPod until I finish the book. The dog gets lots of long walks. 🙂

  2. Darla, thanks for clueing me in about the pleasures of the audio version of the Robb books! I review for the New York Journal of Books (search for it online if you want great reviews) and just had the pleasure of reading the 32nd (!) novel in the series TREACHERY IN DEATH which will be released Feb. 22nd. It’s as terrific as all the others.

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