You know you’ve arrived when…

…you find your book being quoted in someone else’s book.

I was delighted to discover that Michael Aaron Rockland devotes a page and a half to my first novel A Bridge to Love in his book about the George Washington Bridge.  Mr. Rockland’s book The George Washington Bridge, Poetry in Steel is “a well-rounded tribute to a national landmark”, according to one critic.  The book “weaves together history, popular culture, behind-the-scenes tours and personal insight in his living portrait of a modern marvel.”

“Popular culture”  is where A Bridge to Love comes in.  A whole chapter is devoted to the GWB “in literature” and my novel appears on page 110. 

Because he’s a college professor and therefore a very serious thinker,  Mr. Rockland throws in the usual snarky remarks about the traditions of the romance novel.  However, he goes on to say, The George Washington Bridge is more central to this novel than to any other I’ve found,” and that “Herkness, a resident of New Jersey, obviously did some research on the nearby bridge,” which I think he meant as a compliment.

He then quotes extensively from my book,  picking out some of my own favorite lines in reference to the great  bridge.  My novel and all the pages referenced appear in the scholarly notes at the back of his book.

Wahoo!  I’m a source!


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