Conference Report: Sightseeing

One of my college friends is a senior photo editor for National Geographic, a publication where photography is king.  Since we were meeting for lunch in D.C., she invited me to meet her at her office.NG entrance

  Did you know National Geographic has a small museum that’s open to the public?  And it’s free?  I didn’t but what a wonderful discovery.

On display were the most fantastic, dramatic photos of lions and leopards, taken by Beverly Joubert, with videos filmed by her husband Dereck.   I took photos of her photos so you’ll see the occasional reflection in the glass covering the pictures.  Look at these incredible scenes!

NG leopards BW

The Jouberts are an interesting couple.  They started off running a luxury safari camp but got fascinated by the lions they sent their guests off to view.  So they sold the camp and now spend months at a time living in tents near the subjects of their photos.  It’s part of their effort to bring attention to the importance of preserving the habitats of the wild creatures they record.

NG lioness water

After lunch, I strolled down to the Corcoran gallery, passing the White House.

Cor White house with crowd

At the gallery I found a marvelous exhibit of bronzes.  I like sculpture a lot so this was a pleasure for me.

Cor cowboys

These cowboys by Frederick Remington have such energy and vitality you can practically hear them hootin’ and hollerin’.

Cor antelope

I love the beautiful curves of this antelope.  In fact, the artist said he found beauty only in curves.

There was even a bronze of a knitter, proving the everlasting appeal of the fiber arts.

One evening, needing a breath of fresh air, I hiked over to the Washington Cathedral.  It looks like I somehow got transported to Europe, doesn’t it?

Cath nave

I sat in the Bishop’s Garden while the sprinklers swished, a cute little dog trotted around greeting all comers and a not-too-distant trumpet played the day’s farewell “Taps”.  It was enchanting.

On the way home (I got lost!), I ended up on Connecticut Avenue.  As you know, I have encountered  llamas in Ohio.  Never did I expect to encounter a llama in urban D.C., even a cement one!

Cath llama Conn Ave


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  1. To: My over achieving daughter-in-law
    Please don’t weep over darling daughter, she is doing exactly what she should be doing . When she’s not, then you can cry. Your blog is great!

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