Fraternizing with the enemy

Okay, it’s a slight exaggeration.  However, while visiting my daughter in the wilds of Ohio, I attended a Columbus Blue Jackets game.  Lest you think I abandoned my beloved Devils, it was not so.  I wore my Devils hat proudly, as is evidenced by the photo below:

The Blue Jackets lost to the Anaheim Ducks, and, honestly, it wasn’t a very good game.  However, I enjoyed seeing former Devil Scott Niedermeyer, now a Duck.  And I was interested in watching Jackets goalie Steve Mason, who, like me, named his dog after Devils goalie Martin Brodeur.  Here’s Steve in goal:

Other than that, it was fun to see the different touches the Jackets brought to Nationwide Arena, a very nice place to watch hockey.  They fire a cannon when they score a goal:

They have a drum line, the Boom Jackets, which my Darling Daughter, the former marching band drill sargeant, appreciated.

The one slightly creepy aspect was their mascot Stinger, who is a weird cross between a hornet and a frog.  Seeing him dressed in a Santa suit just added to the general impression of strangeness.

They had a massive cleaning crew who streaked onto the ice and madly scraped and hauled during every break in the action.

In addition, I got into a conversation with one of the ushers who spotted my Devils hat.  Rather than harassing me, he praised Marty Brodeur, saying that he was in a class by himself.  Only in Ohio….

All in all, it was a lot of fun to see a different team’s arena, and to feel a different hockey vibe.  It beats hanging out with llamas.


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