Brodie the Snowman Killer

My Darling Daughter built a snowman in our backyard after our most recent snowstorm.  Brodie “helped”, chomping on the snowballs as she rolled them, etc.  When the chilly fellow was finished, my D.D. came inside and called me to the window to admire her work.  This is what we saw:

Brodie approaches the snowman and looks around to make sure no one is watching him.

Believing no one is paying attention, he attacks the snowman’s arm:

Brodie rips the snowman’s arm out of its socket and carries it away:

My Darling Daughter goes to to retrieve the snowman’s arm and ends up chasing Brodie all over the yard without success, much to Brodie’s delight:

Brodie went on to remove the snowman’s other arm, eyes, nose, and mouth.  So to his other titles (Devil Dog, Mud Puppy, Pain in the Neck), we can add “Snowman Killer”.


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