Adventure 1 (continued)

My good friend Ellen requested more photos from my visit to New Jersey’s Grounds for Sculpture.  Since I LOVE to take pictures, I just happened to have a few more to share.  Thank you, Ellen, for asking.  And here they are….

This tiger is one of the newest installations.  There are several of the big cats roaming around the amphitheatre.

Yes, it’s Manet’s Dejeuner Sur L’Herbe in 3-D.  In fact, it goes beyond 3-D to reality because the ladybathing  in the background is standing in a real pond.   You can walk all around it and become part of the painting.

I expected Darth Vader to emerge from this sculpture at any moment.  Its real title is Dorion.

I kept hearing someone screaming for help and wondered what sculpture that was emanating from.  The mystery was solved when we encountered a flock of peacocks (no hens in sight).  Mother Nature is an amazing artist herself.

Here’s another example of how beautifully the sculpture and the landscaping interrelate.

Ellen, you should really try to take a trip here!  You’d love it!


One response to “Adventure 1 (continued)

  1. I was thinking the same thing while I was looking at the pics.
    Thanks so much. This must go on a bucket list.


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