They lost!!!

I go to ONE baseball game a year.  ONE!! And the Yankees lost!  They are not supposed to lose when I am there.  After all, this is the team who’s won 27 World Series.  All I need them to do is beat the Red Sox one day this year and they couldn’t manage it.  Pooh!

At least when I drag my husband to the ballet once a year, the dancers don’t actually lose.  They’ve never even fallen down,  although one time the prima ballerina’s strap broke and her tutu top fell down TWICE.  My DH thought that was kind of entertaining. 

Honestly, even though the Yankees lost, it was a fun evening.  I saw the new Yankee Stadium for the first time and it is, as my DH says, a cathedral to baseball.  Here are some of my pix:

Reminds you of a church, right?

This is the main entrance hall.  It’s very spacious.

That’s yours truly with the field in the background.

Just three of their 27 World Series flags.  But they’re not bragging or anything.  I like the fact that the new stadium’s design kept the arches and vertical elements that characterized the old stadium.  Even if I’m not a baseball fan, I like the sense of continuity.

Here’s Derek Jeter swinging for the fences.  Unfortunately, the opposition caught it and tagged him out.

This photo is especially for my buddy Lisa, the rabid Red Sox fan.

Finally, I couldn’t resist this picture because it reminds me of my favorite scene in Bull Durham.

The first person who emails me with the topic the players were discussing in the movie when gathered on the pitcher’s mound like the Yankees gets an autographed copy of one of my books.  You get to choose which one.  My email is

Can’t wait to hear from all you baseball fans!


4 responses to “They lost!!!

  1. Can’t say I’m sorry the Yankees lost . . . he he . . . but you got us back the night after. Looking forward to tonight’s game.

    Oh, yeah, that T-shirt? It pales in comparison to a certain one my brother owns . . . yes, the rivalry lives on!

  2. It figures that the Yankees would win the night I WASN’T at the game, but, yes, my DH was happy last night. He’s watching the game even as I type. We’ll see who comes out ahead.

    I saw several more graphic t-shirts than that one but none of them was appropriate for a G-rated blog. 🙂

  3. Gosh, Nancy, your life is like watching the travel channel. Thanks for the pics and glad you had a good time. My husband would have loved ballet entertainment also.

  4. Ellen, you’re so nice! I wish my life was like the travel channel!!! However, I’m not sure the Bronx really counts as an exotic locale. This year should get interesting though because my daughter is spending the year as an exchange student in England. Needless to say, we plan to go visit. THEN you can call me a roving reporter. 🙂

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