Tree Trauma

The tree in our back yard took a sudden dislike to our fence.  It hurled not one, but two giant limbs down on top of it.  This is the second limb protruding through what’s left of our fence after the first limb hit it.  This is taken in our neighbor’s yard, BTW.

The green plastic mesh is the temporary fix we put in to confine the dogs after the FIRST branch took out a section of fence (no photos of that one since we didn’t plan to file an insurance claim for it).

Here’s the branch from OUR side of the fence:

Can you believe our gargoyle Freddy survived?  That limb hit less than an inch from Freddy’s wingtip.  He was completely unscathed.

Not so our neighbor’s garage which got bashed  in several places.  So my husband decided the tree must go, since it was now attacking innocent garages.  I was sad to see a tall old oak tree taken down but the process was quite fascinating.

Here’s Andreas the Tree Guy sailing through the branches, buzz sawing as he went:

This next picture gives you some idea of how high up he was while swinging and sawing.  I can’t even imagine doing his job!

Here they take down a section of the trunk.

And here’s the bottom of the trunk.  It gives you an idea of how big this tree really was.

I was glad to hear that they would sell this beautiful straight trunk and not just cut it up for firewood.  I hope someone has my oak’s planks in their floor or made in a desk.  Even though the tree had turned violent, I feel its trunk can become a useful member of society with the proper rehabilitation.

While the tree’s absence leaves quite a gap in my back yard, I am relieved it is no longer a threat since Hurricane Earl is supposed to graze us this evening.  Who knows what the Evil Oak would have thrown at us, given a high wind at his back!


2 responses to “Tree Trauma

  1. My husband’s family was sadden when the mighty oak in their front yard had to be taken down a few years ago… it was over 200 years old.

    When the township crew reached the trunk they found it was hallow. A worker climbed into the whole… it was well over 6 feet deep started at ground level.

    My in-laws were very lucky it had not collapsed on their home.

    Ironically, there were two other younger oaks on two adjacent corner properties–both were struck by lightening within the month and taken down as well. The intersection looks barren.

  2. Gosh, your in-laws sure were lucky!
    We live in a neighborhood with many, many older trees. They are gorgeous and provide lovely shade (which was especially appreciated this summer!). However, there are also many huge branches which you can tell are dead and should be pruned. It’s a little worrisome to drive down my street when it’s windy.
    We had a perfectly healthy 75-foot-tall hickory tree keel over right on my front yard when Hurricane Floyd blew through. It crashed down exactly where my small son and I had been walking just fifteen minutes before. That made me shaky for the rest of the day!

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