Gift idea #1: A magic wand

Tis the season for holiday shopping, and as always, I try to be helpful to my readers since I know what a tough job it is to find just the right gift.  Here’s my first suggestion.  It’s especially perfect for Harry Potter fans, but I think almost everyone has wanted a magic wand at some point in their lives.  This one actually works!

It doesn’t zap Voldemort, but it will change the channel on your television with a swirl of your wrist.  Here’s how X-treme Geek describes it: “a total of 13 programmable commands are controlled by circular movements, up and down gestures, or back and forth whisps of this vibrating wand.  It uses the same accelerometer technology used in Wii remotes.” 

Evidently it requires some practice to master, but I think it’s time well-used.  Think how impressive it would look to chant “speedio fastus”, wave your wand, and have the DVR zoom into fast forward!

It’s a mere $79.95 on Amazon.


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