Adventures in England-Long overdue!

The weather here in New Jersey has been so British (i.e., cold, gray, and rainy), I feel as though I’m still in England.  Which may account for why it’s taken me so long to post a few of my photos from my fabulous trip to visit my Darling Daughter.

First, London and the view from our hotel room.  If I must put up with raw chilliness and rain, I want to do it in London!

Here I am, hanging with the literary crowd.  As you can see, I didn’t get into Samuel Johnson’s house because it was nighttime by the time I found it, but I felt his vibes nonetheless.

I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum for the first time ever.  I don’t know how I missed it on my previous trips.  The collections are marvelously quirky, and the building is quite spectacular.  This was one of my favorite artifacts there.  I think you’ll understand why.

The London School of Economics was near our hotel.  Since we are trying to  persuade our son to get good enough grades to spend his junior year there, we paid a visit to their souvenir store.  I loved the superior arrogance of their tee shirts.

On to Exeter where my Darling Daughter is attending university for her junior year.  It’s a delightful town with a gorgeous cathedral (no photos of churches in this blog; I figure you all know what fan vaulting looks like).  I enjoyed the bird life.  I titled this shot “Pigeons on St. Pancras”:

In England there’s a swan on every pond ( possible campaign slogan?).  In this case, the swan was on the River Exe.  What a very graceful and romantic bird!

These quayside shops are in storage caves, originally built for wool and other goods shipped along the river when Exeter was a thriving port town.  We had alovely tea here.

This blog is getting far too lengthy so I am going to stop here and promise you the next installment soon.  However, I will tantalize you by saying that it’s of  a city near and dear to the heart of at least two of my favorite authors.


5 responses to “Adventures in England-Long overdue!

  1. What gorgeous photos and such a lovely looking area of England. I particularly like the quayside shops.

  2. marija of the high line

    Great pics Nancy! I love the quayside shops in storage cave. M

  3. Thank you! The quayside shops seem to be popular with this crowd. I keep telling my Darling Daughter that she needs to wander down to the river before she leaves Exeter. So far she hasn’t listened. Sound familiar?

  4. What a trip! Love the pics, but you knew I would. My grandparents were from England. Best wishes to your daughter. Can’t wait for the next blog.
    Thanks agains for the travel pics. Big difference from your last beach pics.

  5. Ellen, you are SO right about the difference from the beach pix! Yet I loved both trips. Variety is the spice of life, eh? Have you been to England to find your roots?

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