Adventures in England: Bath!

Jane Austen!  Georgette Heyer!  They started my love affair with the romance genre.  So, of course, I love the city of Bath.  It’s their territory.

Darling Daughter told me I simply must take the tower tour of Bath Abbey.  So I did and got this very picturesque shot of the city.  I’m making it full sized so you can see the details.  Can’t you picture your favorite Regency heroine strolling these streets?

Another shot from the Abbey’s roof: the Roman Baths and the Pump Room, pretty much as they would have looked in Bath Tangle–or so I like to think.

Of course I had to drink the waters, just like Ms. Heyer’s characters.  Honestly, the stuff is nasty: it’s warm and very mineral-laden.  Ugh!  At least, the water fountain’s pretty.

To make up for the yucky water, I had tea at the Royal Crescent Hotel, in my own private parlor, thank you very much!  I think we should institute the custom of afternoon tea in the U.S.


And here’s the Royal Crescent from the outside.  Yes, it was gray and rainy, but that’s what makes the grass so vividly green.

Now that the Royal Wedding hysteria has died down, I’m ready to get on Expedia and book my next trip to the British Isles.


7 responses to “Adventures in England: Bath!

  1. Hey Nancy — Remember Lola Montez? She went to school in one of the bldgs of the Royal Crescent . . .. Nice shot!

  2. Sure I remember Lola. I even remember the scene in the school where her mother arrives to take her away. I had just forgotten it was in Bath. Love the connections!

  3. Thanks for the story and pics. Oh, Please go back to England and have a great time so we can enjoy your visit. I am shocked that the Royals didn’t invite you to the big wedding. Would have been a good addition to a book. lol.


  4. Ellen, I’m sure my invitation to the wedding got lost in the mail! However, I thoroughly enjoyed watching it on television at 5:30 a.m. I got all teary-eyed. Did you love it too?

  5. yes. they looked so happy. I watched Diana and Charles, only because i was up feeding my son. I really enjoyed this one.

  6. The next time you go to the UK, spend a day with Maurene. She can show you some fascinating things and I guarantee you’ll have a ball.

  7. That first photo is like a painting. Exquisite.

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