Christmas under glass

My friend Betsy and I decided we hadn’t been on an adventure in too long.  So we jumped in her car and headed down south of Philadelphia to Longwood Gardens, the “small farm” Pierre S. DuPont transformed into a spectacular estate.  At this time of year, the outdoor gardens are bare, but inside Pierre’s enormous “glass house”, everything is coming up poinsettias…and amaryllis…and winterberry holly.  In short, Christmas is in bloom.  Talk about spectacular.  You enter to a vista of living Christmas trees, dancing fountains, and masses of red and white blossoms.

You progress through various “rooms” (including a ballroom with a 10,000 pipe organ!).  There’s a wonderfully whimsical Children’s Garden where the statues are dressed for the season.

I’m partial to topiary so I liked this  particular detail.

In the desert room, there was a wreath made of succulents.

In the tropical room the Christmas tree was made of bromeliads and such exotics.

The theme was gingerbread so they had trees made of it and decorated with it, and even a replica of the Glass House itself in gingerbread.

My personal favorite?  The rose room with its pendant stars.  Pure delight!

Wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons and a wonderful 1012!


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