TAKE ME HOME is available today!

Yes, I am totally excited about the release of TAKE ME HOME, the first book in my Whisper Horse series.  It’s set in the mountains of West Virginia where I grew up.  It has lots of horses in it.  I loved drawing on all my memories to write it, and I hope you’ll enjoy taking that journey with me. Here’s the link to my web page where you can read an excerpt and find various places to buy it: http://bit.ly/XgqY6F



While I’m writing about West Virginia, I now live in New Jersey.  As you know, we got hit hard by Hurricane Sandy; people’s lives have been shattered.  Because I love my adopted state too, I am donating a percentage of the first week’s royalties for TAKE ME HOME to the American Red Cross to help the hurricane survivors recover and rebuild.  If you pre-ordered the book, thank you and don’t worry: your purchase will be counted in the donation.



I have been lucky: a huge tree fell in our backyard but missed my house.  We have no power or phone, but I have friends who haven opened their homes to me, and the power will come back on. The church and the library have given me sanctuary.  I’ll be fine, but some folks lost everything. My heart breaks for them, so this is my small way of offering solace and help.

I hope the story of TAKE ME HOME will carry you away from your troubles, whether they are caused by Sandy or something completely different.  The truth is: we all need a whisper horse.


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