TAKE ME HOME is on the map!

Yup, my book is representing my home state of West Virginia (Go, Mountaineers!) on Amazon’s map of 50 Great American Love Stories.   I am so honored to be chosen for the job and a little overawed by some of my fellow authors on the map:  me and Margaret Mitchell ?  Or Tennessee Williams? Or Toni Morrison? Really?

If you go to the actual link (above), you can click on a state and it takes you to the book representing it.  Cool, interactive stuff!



9 responses to “TAKE ME HOME is on the map!

  1. Congrats Nancy! This is quite an honor!

  2. Thanks so much, Roni! I was thrilled. It’s so neat to be considered representative of my home state.

  3. Wow, Congrats!

    Did you get your work done?

  4. Thanks, Ellen! I got my revisions in on Monday and am waiting to see what the editor thinks of my changes. In the meantime, I’m madly working on the third book in the Whisper Horse series. Madness, but fun.

  5. When will the second book be available for sale? So glad you have a series of books.

  6. I’ve loving having a series too, Ellen. It’s fun to keep my head in the same world with the same characters, like visiting old friends. COUNTRY ROADS is scheduled for publication September 17th of this year. The third book THE PLACE I BELONG will be published in May 2014, so I’m writing it now.

  7. Can’t wait! When a book is good, I hate to say goodbye to the characters.
    Thanks for putting the commercial for Budweiser on your facebook page. I loved seeing a great commercial like that. Off course Hope is adorable.

  8. The Clydesdale’s are coming next weekend to our Bud Plant. They haven’t been in a few years. Yes, we are going! I love seeing the horses. Plus, free beer and snacks aren’t bad either. Lol

  9. Ellen, that sounds like so much fun! I saw the Clydesdales years ago at the West Virginia State Fair. I even got to pet one. It was the highlight of my week. They are SOOO gorgeous. Have a grand time!

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