Apology from a bad blogger

Wow! I need to blog more.  I just noticed that my last entry was from nearly a month ago.  So why DON’T I blog?

Excuse #1: It uses the almost the same writing muscles as fiction does, and I need to conserve energy for writing my books.  Because those are what folks really want to read.  And they pay the bills.

Excuse #2: It takes time, a commodity we all have precious little of.

Excuse #3: There’s nothing I have a burning desire to talk about.  Not every day in my life is noteworthy…or at least not noteworthy enough to write several paragraphs about.  And I don’t want to bore my blog readers with prosaic posts.  Facebook is more suited to my “short thought” days.

Excuse #4: My children were home for the holidays and I wanted to hang out with them.

Excuse #5: My editor and/or agent will notice that I am not doing my copy-edits (which are due in three days) and politely point out that those are more important, if less fun.

Excuse #6: I’m reading my Facebook news feed.

Okay, the excuses are getting pretty weak, so it’s time to stop procrastinating and go back to my copy-editing.

I’ll be back when a) I’ve turned in my copy-edits, and b) I am breathless with the need to share my brilliant thoughts with you.  Bet you can’t wait!

Anyone out there have some better excuses than mine?


6 responses to “Apology from a bad blogger

  1. You don’t have any great trips to talk about and pictures to show us? Lol

  2. Why would your editor say that if every blogger you meet is a possible sale?

  3. I’d say excuse #1is pretty powerful and the main reason why I almost didn’t start a blog, but I’ve gotten a chance to meet so many wacky/cool/interesting people that I would never take it back. 🙂

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