Sale! 99 cents for A BRIDGE TO LOVE!

I have a smashing new cover for A BRIDGE TO LOVE, so I’m celebrating with a 99-cent sale on Kindle and Nook!

Click to buy on: Kindle  or Nook.


Kate Chilton, recently widowed, struggles to raise two young sons alone, drawing on memories of her happy marriage to help her through the toughest times.  When she discovers that her marriage was not what it seemed, the foundation of her world is shattered.  Angry and betrayed, she turns to a man whom she knows she can walk away from.

Randall Johnson has clawed his way up the ladder of success from a dirt-poor childhood in rural Texas.  He has no time for love and prefers women who understand his rules.  Kate Chilton is definitely not his type, no matter how the electricity crackles between them.  However, when she kisses him, his self-control goes up in flames.  And when she tells him he’s just a one-night stand, he refuses to take “no” for an answer.

Kate must build a bridge from her shattered past into her future.

 Randall must bridge the gulf of distrust between himself and the woman who has reached his heart.



2 responses to “Sale! 99 cents for A BRIDGE TO LOVE!

  1. Great read and good deal on the price.

  2. Thanks so much, Ellen! I’m glad you enjoyed ABTL.

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