Why “From the Garret”?

Garret, n.–the room just below the roof of a house, especially when under a sloping roof; attic.

That’s where I write: in the attic.  I have one lovely arched window which allows me to look out into the treetops of my backyard.  But mostly I stare at my computer screen, conjuring up the people and voices in my head and pouring them onto the keyboard.


This is my garret!


2 responses to “Why “From the Garret”?

  1. Hi Nancy,
    I had no idea what a Garret was. I thought it was a mans name. lol
    Thank you for enlightening me.
    I think the idea of writing in a beutiful little attic room to be simply lovely.

    I can’t wait to see your posts on your wisdom of the t-shirt page. I enjoy reading all those cute sayings on t-shirts. My daughter has a bunch of the t-shirts with quirky sayings on them

  2. Lucky! Love the beautiful writing retreat! 🙂

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