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Wager of Hearts books on sale for $2.00!

You can get both my current Wager of Hearts full-length novels, THE CEO BUYS IN and THE ALL-STAR ANTES UP, for just $2.00 each on Kindle!  They are regularly $3.99 and $4.99. Add the Wager of Hearts novella, THE IRISHMAN’S CHRISTMAS GAMBLE for just $1.99.

While you’re thinking about it, don’t forget to pre-order the final book in the Wager of Hearts series, THE VIP DOUBLES DOWN.




Get a free Christmas novella!

Very soon my new Christmas novella will be ready to read. If you subscribe to my New Book Alert, you will get it for free as my gift of thanks to you. To subscribe, sign up here.

Set in the Wager of Hearts world, THE IRISHMAN’S CHRISTMAS GAMBLE tells Frankie Hogan’s story. She’s the founder of the exclusive Bellwether Club.

Here’s what it’s about:nancy_thechristmasgamble300dpi1600x2400

Having risen out of the Dublin slums to build a multinational chocolate business, Frances “Frankie” Hogan is convinced that nothing can ruffle her well-ordered, though lonely, world … until European soccer sensation Liam Keller shows up at her door like the ghost of Christmas past. Youthful ambitions had launched them in different directions, and now the years apart have added secrets and complications. Liam believes it’ll take a Christmas miracle to convince the woman he has always adored to finally gamble on love.

Hope you enjoy my warm, holiday story of a lonely billionaire finding her lost love!

Two hot billionaires for just $1.99 each!

My two Wager of Hearts books are on sale for just $1.99 each on Kindle. You can get sexy CEO Nathan Trainor in The CEO Buys In and pulse-pounding quarterback Luke Archer in The All-Star Antes Up for just $3.98 total. That’s a great deal on billionaires! LOL!




Go ahead: Ask my characters a question!

Characters Magazine is offering a very cool opportunity: They’re interviewing four characters from my Wager of Hearts series…and YOU get to ask the questions! We’re putting Chloe and Nathan from THE CEO BUYS IN and Luke and Miranda from THE ALL-STAR ANTES UP on the hot seat. What do you most want to know about them? Here’s where you can satisfy your curiosity. Just click on the link below:

Ask A Question Here!


All-Star Antes Up cover-final


Get my Christmas novella free!

Now that I’ve typed “The End” on Gavin’s book, I’m hard at work on the Christmas novella I promised my wonderful readers. Set in the Wager of Hearts world, this is Frankie Hogan’s story. She’s the founder of the the ultra-exclusive Bellwether Club, and a tough, no-nonsense Irishwoman who made her billion-dollar fortune the old-fashioned way: she earned it.

Frankie has closed her heart to love until the man she left in her past appears in her office. Now she has to decide if she wants to take the biggest risk of her life.

If you sign up for my New Book Alert, you will get a digital copy of the novella FREE!

We’re still debating the best model for Frankie’s hero, international soccer star Liam Keller. It’s Team Ryan Reynolds vs. Team Eion Macken. Either one works for me. 🙂


Eioin Macken in soccer gear


$2.00 Sale on THE CEO BUYS IN!

Love billionaire romances? How about three gorgeous guys in tuxedos? Then you might enjoy THE CEO BUYS IN, the first book in my Wager of Hearts series…and it’s on sale for $2.00 on Kindle here.


Once you’ve read THE CEO BUYS IN, I hope you’ll love it so much that you’ll want to grab Luke Archer’s story, THE ALL-STAR ANTES UP. It’s available now! You can buy it here.

All-Star Antes Up cover-final

If you want more information about all my books, please visit my website: and sign up for my New Book Alert!


Where’d you get that great book cover?

I’m in love with the cover of The All-Star Antes Up, Book 2 in my Wager of Hearts series. Why? Because it conveys the feel of the story and the series so perfectly, and it’s both attractive and eye-catching.All-Star Antes Up cover-final

However, creating a successful cover is not easy. Here’s a glimpse of how book covers get designed.

This book is published by Montlake Romance, so they are the folks who hire the cover designer. My editor and I work with her (in this case), going back and forth with concepts, models, backgrounds, layout, fonts, etc. until we all think it works.

My publisher allows me an unusual amount of involvement as the author. Other publishers often ask their authors to fill out the cover questionnaire and go on to design the cover without further input from the writer. Many authors–even bestselling ones!—have a horror story or two to tell about book covers that either misrepresented the story in an important way or were just plain ugly. Christina Dodd famously had a cover for a historical romance on which the heroine had three arms. (Of course, if you self-publish your books, you have total control over the cover, which can be both terrifying and great fun.)

Step 1: As the author, I fill out a questionnaire, answering questions about the hero and heroine’s looks, a pivotal scene, adjectives to describe the tone of the story, as well as any ideas I have about the cover design. I can attach images of other book covers that I think are effective for my subgenre. In addition, The All-Star Antes Up is the second book in a series so it has to match the branding of the series opener, The CEO Buys In.Herkness-TheCEOBuysIn-Final

Step 2: The cover designer comes up with several concepts and sends them to my editor and me. Here’s where you start breaking it down into components:

  1. The cover model(s);
  2. The background;
  3. The title text and font;
  4. The author name text and font;
  5. The series logo;
  6. Colors.

Step 3: My editor and I review the whole effect, as well as the separate elements. In the case of The All-Star Antes Up, the fonts of all the text had to match The CEO Buys In, so that choice was very straightforward. Notice that the color of the series logo was changed on this book, a nice touch. It differentiates this cover from the first book’s just enough to cue the reader that this is a new and distinct story.

In this case, the cover model is very important. He needed to: 1) be blond, 2) exude physical power and confidence, 3) be wearing a suit, and 4) have something that indicated he was a football player. We ended up using one model’s head and a different model’s body to get the right combination of 1-3. As for the sports attribute, the cover designer found such a great football stadium background that we didn’t need to add a football element to the model himself.

Note: I’ve been asked why the model’s full face is not visible. Interestingly, most readers report that they prefer not to be given a visual of the hero/heroine. They prefer to create that image in their own minds. Hence, the faceless covers.

Step 4: My editor and I choose the concept we like the best, but request changes. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 (several times) until we have a front cover we’re happy with. The change requests begin with big things, such as changing the cover model, and end up with tiny tweaks, such as condensing the font spacing slightly to better match The CEO Buys In’s text.

Step 5: The cover designer uses elements from the front cover to design the spine and back cover for the print version of the book. The author is not involved in this part of the design, so it’s an enjoyable surprise when I receive the full cover image.

Step 6: The cover goes to the marketing department for review. They tweaked a font on one of my other books, but that’s the only change I’ve ever received on a cover design from marketing.

Step 7: The cover reveal for The All-Star Antes Up. Woohoo!!!

All-Star Antes Up cover-final