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Whisper Horse novels on sale!

Do you love small towns in the mountains? Do you love horses? Then my Whisper Horse novels will be perfect for you. And they’re all three on sale for $2.00 each on Kindle this month. Add my Whisper Horse novella, A DOWN-HOME COUNTRY CHRISTMAS, for just $1.99 on Kindle, and you’ll have the full set of four books for under $8.00.

Here’s where to buy them:


TMH_FrontCover hi res


Final front cover CR



Book 3 in the Whisper Horse series


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Happy reading!


Whisper Horse novels on sale!

Great news! My Whisper Horse novels are on sale on Kindle both here and in the U.K.

Header 4 Seasons

Here in the U.S.A., you can get all three Whisper Horse novels for under $6.00 until December 14th. (That works out to $1.99 each, for those who are math-challenged like me.) That would make a great gift and it’s so easy. Just go to Amazon and click on the “Give as a gift” button.

Buy TAKE ME HOME for $1.99 .

Buy COUNTRY ROADS for $1.99.

Buy THE PLACE I BELONG for $1.99.

A DOWN-HOME COUNTRY CHRISTMAS, my Whisper Horse novella, is still at the special holiday price of $1.49. You could use it as your electronic Christmas card AND gift. Same methodology: click on “Give as a gift”. You can add a personalized message.


In the U.K., two of my Whisper Horse novels are on sale for £1 each.

Buy TAKE ME HOME in the U.K for £1.

Buy COUNTRY ROADS in the U.K for£1 .

And my Christmas novella is only £1 .02. (I have no idea where the .o2 came from.)


Happy Holidays from my Whisper Horses!





99-cent sale on the Whisper Horse books on #Kindle!

Yeehaw! My publisher has put my two Whisper Horse novels, Take Me Home and Country Roads, on sale on Kindle for 99 cents(!) each until Sunday, March 23rd!  Here’s the link to them on the Kindle Love Stories blog.

To my loyal readers who have already purchased my books, a heartfelt thank you!  You are the best!  I’m hoping this sale will put my books in the hands of new readers, so may I ask you to tell your friends about this great opportunity?  It would be a huge favor to me as an author and a friend!

TMH_FrontCover hi res

Final front cover CR

Sale: TAKE ME HOME is $1.99 on Kindle!

Book 2 of the Whisper Horse Novels

My publisher is giving my readers a holiday gift.  They’ve lowered the price of TAKE ME HOME to $1.99 on Kindle until December 28th.  So treat yourself to your own little gift.  Escape to the mountains for a few hours and find out how a whisper horse might change your life. It’s hometown romance with heart…and heat!

Click here to buy it for your Kindle.


What is it about horses?

Why did I create the idea of a “whisper horse”, a special horse  who helps my characters deal with their problems?

In this article about a therapeutic riding program, Octavia Brown, the director puts it very well:

“A horse never judges and it never thinks you’re different.”

Isn’t that the kind of confidant we all would like to have?

via Equine therapy: N.J. program has helped the disabled ride horses for 10 years |

Do you want to know more about whisper horses?

Joyce Lamb from USAToday’s HEA blog did!  She asked me to post about how I came up with the whisper horse concept for my new series beginning with TAKE ME HOME.  You’ll even meet my original whisper pony Papoose.  Read it here: USAToday HEA blog.

A Nod from Nancy: The Hearts of Horses

Ann Patchett wrote something in The Wall Street Journal which resonated with me.  She said people walk into a bookstore and “feel utterly lost in the face of all those titles, and so they walk out empty-handed.”  She combats this problem by recommending books she likes to anyone who listens.  I’ve decided to do the same.

I can’t promise a review of the books I recommend since that takes a lot of time and thought.  However, when I read a book I like–of any genre–I will tell you what it is and try to pique your interest in some way.  Since I’m a big fan of alliteration I’ve decided to title my picks “A Nod from Nancy”.  Catchy, eh?

Here’s my first “nod”:

The Hearts of Horses by Molly Gloss

I like horses but plenty of folks I know who aren’t particularly taken the the four-legged beasts have enjoyed this novel.  It’s set in Oregon in 1917.  The main character is a young woman who travels around various ranches and farms, gentling their horses.  She’s a cross between a bronco-buster and a horse-whisperer.  The story is about people though, as she gets drawn into the lives of the horses’ owners.  There’s love, death, and plenty of other drama, yet the book has a wonderfully calm rhythm which reminded me of riding a horse.

If anyone else has read this book, I’d love to hear what you thought.