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Book 3 in the Whisper Horse series

Book 3 in the Whisper Horse series


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4 responses to “My Books

  1. I just love your Horse Whisperer Series. Are you planning to continue the series? I just finished A Down Home Country Christmas. What a great inspirational Christmas story! Thanks so much, Lorrie

    • Lorrie, thank you so much for your kind words about my books! I am just delighted you have enjoyed them so much. At the current time, I don’t have any other stories for that series in the works. I am making a change in direction with my next series which is set in New York City. However, I think you’ll find it’s still the same romantic, emotional read you’ve enjoyed with my small town stories. At least, I certainly try to make it that way. 🙂 Are you on my New Book Alert mailing list? If not, you can sign up on my website . That way you’ll know when I have a new release and be eligible to win a prize. I hope you’ll keep in touch!

  2. I just finished A Bridge to Love.. I really enjoyed the maturity of it and the different take on a billionaire man with a womanizing rep. because of the way the story starts out and how he behaves. I have also read The CEO Buys in and liked it because the heroine’s thoughts are ones I can believe and understand. I can’t stand women in stories that lose their ability to think for themselves the minute they are touched. I am curious why the book covers are shown different here than on the amazon website. No biggie, just curiosity.

    • Bonnie, I am delighted to hear how much you enjoyed A BRIDGE TO LOVE and THE CEO BUYS IN. That is music to an author’s ears. Thanks for pointing out that I have the older book covers up on my blog. The new covers were redesigned to tie in better with the Wager of Hearts book covers, in hopes that people will recognize them as the “Nancy Herkness brand.” I should update them on the blog! I hope you enjoy others of my books as well. Let me know when you read more! Thanks for being in touch! Regards, Nancy

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