THE CEO BUYS IN is available now!

THE CEO BUYS IN  is out in the world now. Woohoo!

Herkness-TheCEOBuysIn-FinalYou can buy it in various places listed below:




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Hope you enjoy reading the first book in my new Wager of Hearts series! You can find out more at my website .

And the winner is…

The winner of my Charity of Hearts donation is…Tina B. Congratulations, Tina! I will make a $100 donation in your name to the Wounded Warriors Project.

Charity of Hearts


Donate like a billionaire through my Charity of Hearts!

The billionaires in the Wager of Hearts series make a bet on love, but it’s not all about their hearts. The high-stakes wager includes a substantial donation to charity.

Charity of Hearts

Here’s your chance to donate like a billionaire!

Nominate your favorite worthy cause (it must be registered with the IRS), and I will donate $100 in your name, if you are chosen as one of four winners. Winners chosen at 10 p.m. EDT on July 21st, release day for THE CEO BUYS IN.

There are lots of ways to enter:

For more information, visit my website at .

Donate like a billionaire!

My sexy billionaires in the new Wager of Hearts series make a bet on love, but it’s not all about their hearts. The high-stakes wager includes a substantial donation to charity.

Wouldn’t you like to donate like a billionaire?

Through my Charity of Hearts, you can! It’s a celebration of the release of The CEO Buys In on July 21st.

Charity of Hearts

Here’s how it works:

Nominate your favorite worthy cause (it must be registered with the IRS). If you are chosen as one of four winners, I will donate $100 in your name.

There are several ways to enter:

  • Sign up for my New Book Alert here.
  • Watch for the Charity of Hearts post on my author Facebook page here.
  • Watch for the official Charity of Hearts post on my blog here.
  • Watch for the Charity of Hearts post on my Facebook profile page here.

One winner will be chosen from each entry category on my book’s release day, July 21st.

I hope you will enjoy meeting CEO Nathan Trainor and office temp Chloe Russell in The CEO Buys In. You can also catch glimpses of quarterback Luke Archer and bestselling novelist Gavin Miller, the billionaire heroes of Books 2 and 3 in the Wager of Hearts series.

Sale! 99 cents for A BRIDGE TO LOVE!

I have a smashing new cover for A BRIDGE TO LOVE, so I’m celebrating with a 99-cent sale on Kindle and Nook!

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Kate Chilton, recently widowed, struggles to raise two young sons alone, drawing on memories of her happy marriage to help her through the toughest times.  When she discovers that her marriage was not what it seemed, the foundation of her world is shattered.  Angry and betrayed, she turns to a man whom she knows she can walk away from.

Randall Johnson has clawed his way up the ladder of success from a dirt-poor childhood in rural Texas.  He has no time for love and prefers women who understand his rules.  Kate Chilton is definitely not his type, no matter how the electricity crackles between them.  However, when she kisses him, his self-control goes up in flames.  And when she tells him he’s just a one-night stand, he refuses to take “no” for an answer.

Kate must build a bridge from her shattered past into her future.

 Randall must bridge the gulf of distrust between himself and the woman who has reached his heart.


Goodreads giveaway: two autographed ARCS of The CEO Buys In

A quick heads-up for my loyal blog readers–love you guys! I’m giving away two autographed Advance Reader’s Copies of my upcoming release THE CEO BUYS IN on Goodreads. Click here to enter! It’s free. Good luck in the drawing!


Memorial Day: The comfort of tradition

Memorial Day is about remembering. Tradition is cultural memory. That brings me to my annual Memorial Day parade blog post. You’ll find the photos that I took this year almost indistinguishable from the photos I took last year and the year before. And I like it that way. Because it’s tradition and tradition is comforting.

Memorial Day 2015 001

Our town parade always begins with classic cars. That’s about memory, right? The cars are from the eras when the men and women we are honoring today lived and died. Their distinctive lines take us back to the old days when things seemed simpler.

Memorial Day 2015 010

The marching band is the highlight of the parade with its upbeat rendition of “Stars and Stripes Forever”.  I love a band in general but this marching band brings back personal memories of my daughter’s wonderful four years as part of a supportive, tight-knit group. I was a roadie for the band so I worked side-by-side with the kids and got to know what interesting human beings they were. While I no longer know any of the faces in the band, it comforts me to know that the tradition continues. Yes, I get a little weepy as they march by so proudly.

Memorial Day 2015 018

At the end of the parade, all the spectators and participants congregate to salute the flag, hear the mayor’s speech, and say a few prayers. But the most moving part of the ceremony is that each year the grand marshal reads the names of every serviceman from our town who lost his life in service to his country. They are the same names year after year. I can even recite some of them. But it’s so important to pay tribute to their memories. Such sacrifice should never be forgotten.

Memorial Day 2015 015

Why does an occasion that’s essentially sad comfort me? Because it demonstrates that despite the sadness, life goes on. Although my daughter is grown and no longer plays her trumpet, the band continues to provide a home for other musical kids. The men whose memory we honor made their sacrifice so that my town and other towns across the world could hold parades, host cookouts, and raise our children in safety.

It’s as though the parade continues to march onward through the decades in a continuous stream. As we grow and change, we step in and out of the flow, but it is always there, waiting for us.